Why Become a Carer with Ensure Care?

Being a carer is one of the most rewarding professions. You’ll be interacting with people throughout each day, building relationships with them and simply helping to make their day easier. As someone’s carer, you’ll play a vital role in their life. It’s not just about helping your client either, you’ll be helping to give people’s family peace of mind too. We work with all kinds of people and all our care is tailored to each person, so your days will always be varied.

At Ensure Care we pride ourselves on our happy team and really invest in our people. We’ll work with you to progress professionally with frequent, high quality training and offer great pay rates and flexible hours.

What Kind of Person Do I Need to be to Succeed?

It goes without saying that you’ll need a caring nature to do well. As a care assistant, you’ll be helping vulnerable people to live their lives to the fullest so we’re looking for kind, compassionate and motivated people with the desire to help others.

Skills and Qualifications

As well as having an empathetic nature, there’s a variety of skills you’ll need to possess as a good carer. We’re looking for patient individuals who can cope well under pressure and in stressful situations. You’ll need to be thorough, have integrity and excellent verbal communication skills too.

The qualifications you’ll need will depend on the particular care position you’re applying for. If you’ve not got any qualifications, don’t be put off applying. If you’re the right person with the right qualities for care work, we’ll help you qualify.

Our Recruitment Processes

We always match our clients with a carer that we know they’ll click with and who has the right skills and expertise to help with their needs, so it’s important that we get to know you both as a person and in a professional sense. We do this firstly by interviewing you. We also have to carry out enhanced background checks. Then, you’ll work with one of our qualified and experienced carers, so that we can carry out a practical assessment. If we think you’re the right person to deliver high quality care for our clients, we’ll need to make sure you’re fully trained and qualified before you can start caring. The whole recruitment process generally takes around four to six weeks, with essential training taking around 12 weeks.

To apply for a job you can fill out our online form or contact us,