Personal care is a broad service covering all kinds of assistance someone might need with their personal hygiene and maintaining their appearance. Keeping up good hygiene practices is vital, not only for health but also for someone’s mood and morale. This kind of care is important for our clients’ well-being and so it’s essential that it’s done well. You can be sure that all our carers are highly trained to ensure they preserve their client’s dignity at all times and consistently work with the utmost professionalism.

Our carers can provide assistance with:

  • Grooming, shaving, hair care and applying makeup
  • Washing, bathing and oral hygiene
  • Continence care, including changing pads
  • Changing stoma and catheter bags
  • Getting dressed
  • Foot care
  • Going to the toilet
  • Help moving around the home

We work with anyone who might need help with personal care for whatever reason. There are many situations where personal care might be necessary. These include long term conditions, aging, illnesses, accidents or physical disabilities to name just a few.

At Ensure Care, we know it can be hard to ask for help with matters so personal. Sometimes providing personal care for a loved one can be difficult for both the family member carrying out the care and the person receiving it. Worried that it might lead to awkwardness, people often feel uncomfortable asking for this kind of help from close friends or family. With Ensure Care, you’re able to choose someone to provide personal care for you and so you can decide what would make you feel the most comfortable. Perhaps you might prefer a female carer over a male, for example. Whoever you choose, you can be sure that your carer will be not only highly trained and experienced but also completely at ease with providing this kind of care. We work with discretion at all times, always respecting our client’s privacy and boundaries.

Who Might Need Help with Personal Care?

People need help with personal care for a broad range of reasons. Sometimes there might be a temporary lack of mobility following an illness or surgery and on these occasions, we can provide care on a short term basis. Some people need longer term care. For example, people with a physical disability or lack of mobility following strokes or heart attacks. One of the biggest reasons people need help with personal care is dementia or simply the effects of old age. Maintaining a clean and respectful appearance is hugely important to many older people, so this is a really significant service for our elderly clients.

Care for Young Adults

Caring for young adults is slightly different to caring for older adults. If one of our carers is working with a young adult, they’ll always be specially trained to do so. Our main focus with care for young adults is independence and choices. As with all our care packages, the person’s care will be entirely bespoke. We will have an initial assessment with the person and their family where we determine their needs and put a plan of practical solutions into place. Their care package may or may not involve personal care and will likely include lots of going out in the community and help with pursuing hobbies and interests outside the home. Our carers will be trained to work with young people sensitively and professionally and know the best ways to help them achieve their goals.

To discuss our personal care services, call us on 01926 431925.